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Who We Are
Plastiblok, Ltd., headquartered in Paducah, Kentucky, is a design and manufacturing company that has developed and produced an innovative proprietary product for the construction market. We truly believe we have designed a better way to build! Quite frankly, we took a simple children’s building block and drastically improved the design to be used in both residential and commercial construction. This basic building block, which we call Lok-N-Blok®, is a product that we believe offers a game changing solution to the current methods utilized by the construction Industry worldwide!

What We Do
We are more than just a manufacturing and design company—Plastiblok solves problems. As we seek to identify additional shortcomings with today’s construction methods and understand where we can offer efficiencies and improvements, the Company will continue to add new and innovative products. With Lok-N-Blok® as our “basic building Blok” product, the Company is actively working on a number of complimentary ancillary products that will make several additional current construction methods a way of the past. We are designing “A Better Way to Build”.

The Basic Building Blok
The patented design and unique material of the Lok-N-Blok® substantially simplifies wall construction while improving insulation qualities. Lok-N-Blok’s® unique design employs a simple interlocking characteristic while the ENVION® (Lok-N-Blok®’s proprietary composite material) yields superior structural strength and insulation qualities while being considered “GREEN”.

Potential Market/Users:
The market for Lok-N-Blok is not limited with boundaries. Anywhere and anyone who builds in either residential, commercial, or industrial environments can benefit from the introduction of Lok-N-Blok. With its inherent strength, and ease of use, it makes it a viable product for all environments, and all levels of skill in construction.
Potential Competitors:
There are no direct competitors on the market right now for a product even similar to Lok-N-Blok. However, there are many forms of conventional construction available. .How we set ourselves apart is from the numerous benefits and features, such as high wind loading capability, hurricane resistant construction, lightweight material, ease of installation, high insulating resistance (r-Value) among many others. All being offered at a lower per square foot price than conventional 2 X 4 construction methods.
Current Investors:
Gregory Siener, 30% Jill Zumer, 30% Kentucky Investments, LLC, Jason Stokes, 30%

Point of Contact:
Gregory Siener
Plastiblok, Ltd dba Lok-N-Blok
Project Address:
218 North 5th Street
Paducah, KY 42001
Management Team:

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