Union County Business Development Center

Union County

Commercial, Mixed Use, Redevelopment


Union County Business Development Center (UCBDC) is an existing 42,700 square foot brick building. UCBDC is located on an approximately eleven-acre lot that borders highway 60 in Morganfield, Kentucky. The parking lot contains 380 spaces and is located across from an additional eleven-acre lot presenting the possibility of future expansion. The UCBDC has the capability for loading/unloading with its two truck dock positions. The ceilings are minimum of nine feet and maximum of ten feet with a two foot loading dock. Currently the building can support 420 work stations complete with cubicles which can remain in the building or be removed. UCBDC has 3 phase wiring and a backup diesel generator. The capability exists to divide the large square foot space into four sections with sharing of the common spaces.

Potential Market/Users:
The building was originally designed for a customer service call center operation however it has the potential to be redeveloped to the investor’s desires. Possible development ideas include a technology/server center, multipurpose health facility and creation of several office spaces. UCBDC would be a prime investment for a college or university enabling them to have an additional offsite campus. The location and building cultivates multiple redevelopment ideas with the opportunity for collaboration from the county if desired by the investor. This community houses a culture that is accepting and encouraging of new development prospects. Union County has the ability to become investment partners when the asset is utilized for economic growth.
Potential Competitors:
At this time there are no current competitors or potential competitors to identify
Current Investors:
Union County Industrial Development Authority P.O. Box 374 Morganfield, KY 42437

Point of Contact:
Melissa Coker
Union County First, UCIDA
Project Address:
3130 US Highway 60 East
Morganfield, Kentucky, 42437
Management Team:

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