Halcyon Thruput

Christian County

Hemp Drying and Cleaning, Industrial, z-Other


Halcyon Thruput was started in 2019 to process the newly legal hemp plant. Halcyon is an QOZ Business and the Real Estate is as well. The land has already been purchased and improvements have been made. Attached flyer was from prior owner (request supporting documentation)

Potential Market/Users:
Christian County and the surrounding region had over 10,000 acres of hemp planted in 2019. We have a farm network for about 900 acres dedicated to our facility for drying. That is about all we can handle. New money into the QOF would go towards expansion.
Potential Competitors:
Gencanna and Vertical are our nearest competitors and also farmers themselves
Current Investors:
(Will provide contact info upon request)

Point of Contact:
Watt Stephens
OZ Capital
Project Address:
400 Mitsubishi Lane
Hopkinsville, TX 42240
Management Team: