Harlan County Business Park

Harlan County

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Harlan County Business Park is a new industrial park in Southeast Kentucky with more than 140 available acres for development. While once an abandoned mine site turned golf course, the community has reinvested in this property as a location for employers to locate and put many of our out-of-work coal miners back to work.

Potential Market/Users:
Potential users for this project would be individuals or corporations who are looking to expand or relocate business operations to Kentucky. A study of East Kentucky's workforce revealed that our workers transition easily into metal-based manufacturing processes. As a result we target automotive and aerospace suppliers who may be looking to serve these growing sectors in the Southeast. With twice the national average number of welders and CNC machinists, as well as twice the national unemployment rate due to the downturn in the coal industry, eastern Kentucky is well positioned to meet the needs of companies who may be struggling to find qualified workers.
Potential Competitors:
In Harlan County we compete with industrial projects locating in the Tri-Cities area of eastern Tennessee along with Campbell and Claiborne Counties, as well as Lee, Scott, and Wise Counties in Virginia. In the past Harlan County has been at a disadvantage to these communities, in large part due to there being no prepared industrial property in our County until now. We see our competitive advantage coming from lower cost of land and operations than in Virginia and Tennessee.
Current Investors:
Harlan County Fiscal Court Dan Mosley PO Box 956 Harlan, KY 40831

Point of Contact:
Colby Kirk
One Harlan County
(606) 791-2378
Project Address:
300 Golf Course Road
Cumberland, Kentucky, 40823
Management Team:

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