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Simpson County

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Profiting in the rapidly emerging Cannabidiol (CBD) industry requires a high-quality production facility with proven ability to meet product specifications. XYZ CBD GROUP INC is creating a distinct business model that targets the rapidly developing CBD market by building and setting the standard in quality. Current CBD production is based on smaller-scale facilities in the U.S. with few having the ability to meet large-scale commercial demand. XYZ’s long-term production capacity plans will meet large scale commercial demand with creditworthy customers. The facility will be designed and constructed with quality assurance and quality control measures comparable to the pharmaceutical industry. This allows large companies to purchase high grade CBD purified oil & isolate – consistently meeting product specifications. Regulation stifled research, development, and production of CBD, over the last 70+ years, creating ample opportunity to become a
leading company in CBD production as major barriers have been removed since the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill- (December 2018)

Because of the many CBD benefits witnessed through research and testing, current production capacity falls well short of demand, and growth projections. This is particularly important today because of the emerging trend in CBD usage and becoming widely accepted by governmental bodies – including the FDA(3). By becoming a high quality, large scale operation, XYZ CBD Group, Inc. is making it more difficult for smaller, micro-scale independents to capture and hold fractions of the overall market share.

To build the company and reach our growth objectives, the following are key aspects crucial for XYZ CBD’s success:
• Progressing in stages to building a world-class production facility (Major distributors, wholesalers, and producers will select XYZ because of its product quality, consistency, and recognition as a market leader.
• Expanding our product sales through several channels
(Athletes, Veterans, patients, pet market, weightlifters, pharmaceuticals, skincare, LOHAS, and cosmetics – all forecasted consumers of CBD.)
• Integrating the overall supply chain
• Maximizing economic performance by embedding XYZ CBD into the CBD consumer industry.

We not only want to help define the industry standard, but also aim to become the leader in market share that is currently underserved.

Potential Market/Users:
Our core 3 markets being pursued are: Pharmaceutical industry; Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS); Pet Food/ Supplement Suppliers
Potential Competitors:
Curently XYZ CBD GROUP INC is the sole project CBD Production Facility in Simpson County and in Kentucky Oppurtunity Zone.
Current Investors:

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1401 Steele Rd
Franklin KY 42134
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