Muhlenberg Coal Refinery

Muhlenberg County



A coal refinery to ‘fractionate’ Illinois Basin Coal into various fractions that can then be used to produce value-added industrial and agricultural products.

Potential Market/Users:
Commercial Farmers, Steel Mills, Public Utilities, Oil Exploration Companies, Consumers of Petrochemicals
Potential Competitors:
There are no competitors for the carbon-based soil amendment product we propose to produce for commercial agriculture. Further, the barriers to entry are quite high.
Current Investors:
Hathaway Activated Carbon, Inc. 345 Sinclair Street Gillette, WY 82718 Cell: (931) 231-5450 Leoma, TN Office: (931) 852-4060

Point of Contact:
Kevin Hathaway
Hathaway Activated Carbon, Inc.
Project Address:
Management Team: