Practical Additive Manufacturing by +Mfg LLC

Kenton County



Our team of experienced professionals has developed a large-format, practical “Additive Manufacturing” system capable of manufacturing metal parts for all industrial applications.
Our state-of-the-art, patent pending process, called Advanced Metal Deposition (TM), can produce simple or complex parts -out of multiple materials- faster, cleaner, safer, more cost-effectively, and more energy-efficiently than any other process in existence…including sand castings. Currently, we are setting up a corporate office and starting manufacturing using an innovative distributed manufacturing model. +Mfg is committed to having a major social impact in all areas where our facilities are located through jobs, skills training, community support, and environmental stewardship.


Potential Market/Users:
The potential users for our systems are ANY company currently using a metal part in their products or manufacturing process. These parts would include castings, forgings, tooling, injection molds, and fixtures. We estimate that there are 80,000 potential customers just in the United States that fit this description which could easily afford to purchase one or more of our relatively inexpensive system(s). The overall market for metal Additive Manufacturing equipment was US$7 billion in 2018 with a growth rate of 21% over 2017. Industry experts all agree that once a practical metal additive manufacturing system, like ours, hits the market, everything changes. Practical metal additive manufacturing is the untapped growth area in advanced manufacturing.
Potential Competitors:
A number of different metal additive manufacturing machines are on the market which represent potential competition for our machine. However, these competitor machines, and the input raw materials used in them, are extremely expensive and the processes employed are typically slow, inefficient, and inconsistent... rendering them impractical for industrial manufacturing.
Current Investors:
We currently have 23 investors who have invested in the company as well as 13 current members in the LLC.

Point of Contact:
Karen Kruer
(859) 866-3175
Project Address:
Covington KY 41011
Management Team:
Some of our Management team are: Tom Kruer - Chief Innovation Officer Wayne McDonough - Member, Board of Governors Steve Ziegler - Manager, Control Software Dave Zerhusen - Logistics Manager Lyn Hayes - Marketing