Rebuild Factory

wolfe County

Commercial, Industrial, New Construction


The picture is our property and 25,000 sq. ft. factory before the factory burnt down in 2007. We want to rebuild the factory to what we had and add more production capabilities. We need to expand our small manufacturing facility to meet demand for our dietary supplement and specialty cosmetic health products, and our production and research services. We have a patent that is near approval and clients requesting our products and production.

Potential Market/Users:
All humans and animals, as well as the sellers of our products to those consumers. In addition, we manufacture for other companies. Our customers are the retail (direct to consumers) and wholesale markets, our clients are businesses needing our products in their label (private label) and contract clients requiring our services and abilities to produce their products. You can see our products and capabilities on our website
Potential Competitors:
There are many other sellers and products on the market, not so with manufacturers. As to products we have minimal or no competition. Our products are are unique on the market (R & R, Opti-HA Gold, Liqui Pyc) or the best price (Argentia Colloidal Silver).
Current Investors:
Don Jessup
200 Twin Branch Rd
Campton, KY 41301

Point of Contact:
Don Jessup
Pi Pharma, Inc. dba Nature's Extra
(606) 725-4201
Project Address:
198 Twin Branch Rd
Management Team:

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