February 25, 2021

After Rocky Start, Opportunity Zones Could Boom In 2021

President-elect Joe Biden and his administration are keen to undo much of what their predecessors did. Yet when it comes to one flagging Trump initiative— the opportunity zone program— Biden and the Democrat-controlled Congress could actually provide a big boost.
January 27, 2021

Despite Challenges, Opportunity Zones Provide Much-Needed Capital

The program has been criticized for a lack of transparency and for being used as a tax dodge, but developers say it is “a great tool to have in the toolbox.”
September 2, 2020

Executive Order on Targeting Opportunity Zones and Other Distressed Communities for Federal Site Locations

Washington -The General Services Administration (GSA) announced that it will prioritize Opportunity Zones and distressed communities when making real estate investment decisions. Such an announcement followed the issuance of an executive order by President Trump on August 24, 2020.  The...
April 23, 2019

Opportunity Zones Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is an Opportunity Zone? A. An Opportunity Zone is an economically-distressed community where new investments, under certain conditions, may be eligible for preferential tax treatment. Localities qualify as Opportunity Zones if they have been nominated for that designation...
April 17, 2019

Treasury Issues Second Set of Highly Anticipated Opportunity Zones Guidance

Washington – The U.S. Department of the Treasury today issued its second set of proposed regulations related to the new Opportunity Zones tax incentive. The tax benefit, created by the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, is designed to drive economic...
December 12, 2018

Trump to steer more money to ‘Opportunity Zones’

WASHINGTON — President Trump directed federal agencies on Wednesday to steer spending toward certain distressed communities across the country — part of his administration’s push to turn a tax break included in last year’s $1.5 trillion tax package into a...

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