Amber’s “The way it used to be”…

jackson County

Old fashioned walk up to window and order food restaurant, z-Other


This is a restaurant that has been in business since 1982. The previous owners retired from it and new owners took over. It is an icon in Jackson County, everyone used to come to this place to eat. It needs someone in there that has a passion for it again to raise the roof off with sales. It’s one of the small businesses hidden away that has great food and a whole lot of people know about it.

Potential Market/Users:
The potential for this business is beyond measure with the right person in there. I want this person to be me. There’s no real competition other than 1 franchise that we have in the whole county. This being what it needs to be will attract people from everywhere because we have the 76 bike route that goes by there, the trail town riders, B & B guests fir delivery to them and the community itself looks forward to it reopening under different circumstances. I have wanted to own this place since I was a little girl when the very first one opened.
Potential Competitors:
The current competitors as stated is only one and as I said before everyone lives this place the way it used to be. Great place to eat, great place to sit on picnic tables after a ride and enjoy the atmosphere.
Current Investors:
Jatana S Angel 1441 Highway 89 South Mckee KY 40447

Point of Contact:
Jatana S Angel
Potential owner of the now chicken hut and the upcoming Ambers “The way it used to be”
Project Address:
471 Highway 421 South
Mckee, KY 40447
Management Team:

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