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It is indeed an honor for us to submit our exciting STATShift Network software system proposal to you. Our product will substantially reduce healthcare costs in an ever increasing competitive market, giving families and providers confidence in saving money and access to highly qualified healthcare providers.

In addition, the STATShift Network software system uniquely provides the vital function of providing information that should be required for families to confidently use the STATShift Network.

The STATShift Network software system was developed based on my years of practical experience with both the families and healthcare professionals benefit in mind. After my father was exploited and poisoned by an individual posing an RN in Florida ( I knew that my 25 years of experience as a Registered Nurse, combined with my 10 years’ experience as owner/founder of a healthcare staffing company, put me in the unique position to address a issue that many families are facing across the country.
Affordable, reliable, and safe care for their aging/ sick family members. At a very difficult time, when families are dealing with illness and declining health of family members, the last thing they need to worry about is the escalating and overpriced care to hire someone to care for their loved ones. It’s the ideal situation for criminals and individuals that prey upon these vulnerable times in individuals and family lives.
Our STATShift Network staffing software provides a solution and winning combination.
We look forward to presenting the many advantages of STATShift Network staffing software to you and are confident you will quickly see why choosing STATShift Network staffing system will be a tremendous asset for families and providers throughout the nation.

Potential Market/Users:
Years ago... Travelers trusted travel agents to find them deals on lodging and airfare. These travel agencies made a tremendous amount of money, travelers paid more money and resorts made less money. Then Expedia, Orbitz, Travelocity and many other web based travel systems were created. Thus, travelers streamlined and simplified their travel which was much more cost effective in savings and travel resorts made more money. As a former owner/ founder of a healthcare staffing company (Hopewell HealthCare Associates, Inc.), Kathy Sanders, RN, MSN, CEO believes that there is an alternative solution for families in desperate need for care of ailing and aging family members. After Kathy’s mother passed away in late 2012 in Kentucky, her father returned to one of his homes in Florida. An individual posing as an RN that he met at a pancake breakfast, quickly moved in and gained my vulnerable fathers confidence, and within eight months a family trust was changed three times and my father was killed. Toxic levels of morphine and another drug, not prescribed that he was allergic to in his body. Devastating to say the least. A silent epidemic that no one is talking about--Elder Abuse and Exploitation. Had my family had access to the STATShift Network, we are confident this could have been prevented and my father would be alive today. With our STATShift Network, staffing for sick family members can be streamlined, giving better service to families and in addition, improving the healthcare professionals pay. Hence, the STATShift Network staffing system was created. It’s simple. It’s easy. is a web based staffing software system created by a nurse and daughter… for healthcare professionals and families. WE put healthcare professionals and families in direct contact. Thus families save a tremendous amount of money and professionals can make more money. In turn, this eliminates the need for the traditional staffing agencies. Executive Summary Kathy Sanders, RN, MSN often embraces the words of Florence Nightingale who said, “Let us each and all realize the importance of our influence on others – stand shoulder to shoulder – and not alone in a good cause.” It is via this mindset that Kathy has established the Staffing Software system and set it upon a path to change the healthcare staffing world. When she graduated from the University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Nursing with her BSN, Kathy didn’t know exactly what area she wanted to practice in, but she knew she wanted to make a difference in the lives and well-being of individuals in families and communities in whatever she undertook. It turned out her future lay in community health, when she was accepted into the University of Kentucky Community Health Nursing Advance Practice Program and she soon graduated with her MSN. After years of practice, founding, owning and operating a healthcare staffing agency in which she sold, developing a patent pending product for individuals in wheel chairs, and working at the Kentucky Department for Public Health, Infectious Disease and Division of Epidemiology as the Viral Hepatitis Prevention and Control Program Manager. She has now created the STATShift Network software company. Industry Overview The healthcare staffing industry has grown to a $10 billion a year industry. Despite economic hardships in many industries, healthcare staffing firms continue to be effective providers of supplemental staff in healthcare facilities and home health care in times of shortage and as strategic staffing partners. As such they have an important responsibility to carefully and accurately examine the background and credentials of any healthcare professionals they hire. Not only do the reputation and future business potential of the staffing firm depend on stringent quality standards, but so do the patients and families that are cared for by supplemental staff. With that being said, healthcare staffing firms play a strategic and vital role in improving quality and patient/families safety in today’s healthcare systems. Recent and past trends in nursing reflect an industry with enrollment in nursing down, reduction in qualified clinical instructors and faculty, lack of classroom and space, nurses steadily leaving the profession, and the median age of all nurses being 46 years of age. The byproduct of these trends is a resulting shortage of professional healthcare personnel to work in healthcare facilities. With the retirement of nurses from the long 12-hour demanding shifts, many of these nurses are available and interested in providing home care to families and individuals in their communities. STATShift Network staffing software has a mission to bridge the serious gap between family home care needs and realities of these shortages. STATShift Network addresses these needs by bringing great people in the most talented practices throughout the nation to families in need of private home care. While providing opportunities for healthcare professionals, STATShift Network staffing system provides further opportunities for professionals to self contract in lieu of utilizing travel companies. This increases the healthcare professional’s autonomy, salary, and reduces the outrageous and unaffordable financial cost of traditional staffing companies associated with home care. This opportunity expands the knowledge of issues faced in the home healthcare while making a positive impact in the lives and families of individuals in communities across the United States. The rationale behind the STATShift Network staffing softward approach revolves around the idea of creative solutions for the problems currently being faced in the home healthcare community. “In April 2014, one of my best friends- Jennifer- was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. She was 43 years old, a single mother, with two amazing teenagers. She received treatment and fought hard to beat the disease. However, in late July 2018, her health had declined and her parents were in desperate need of home care for their beautiful daughter. I met with the home care agency and was astonished at the high costs associated with a sitter coming in to stay with Jennifer. I am certain there are many families throughout the nation… that are in desperate need of respite and help in caring for their loved ones... yet, they can’t afford it. I will never forget Jennifer’s mother telling me…” I will cash in my retirement to make sure Jennifer is cared for”. Jennifer passed away in August 2018. I am committed to making a difference in the lives of the sick, the aging elderly, and family caregivers that are in such a desperate need for help.” Kathy Sanders, RN MSN, CEO The terrain is constantly changing; there are new technologies, managed care and a society that is aging at a faster rate than any time in history. All of these changes point to an increasing need for home healthcare professional. Families are increasingly finding themselves seeking alternative methods to assisting with home care on a short-term and long-term basis while monitoring the extreme cost of utilizing the services of staffing agencies. STATShift Network staffing software offers an alternative method for healthcare professionals at a tremendous cost savings to families
Potential Competitors:
Legal Structure and Base of Operations The legal structure of Johnson, Stewart, & Sanders, Inc. DBA STATShift Network staffing software is an incorporated business- S Corporation. The business has a home office space with part of the operations undertaken in home-based offices of the management team and the software/ IT creation is being developed by BitSource. BitSource is located Pikeville, KY and is an incredible company training displaced coal miners in Appalachia to code and created software systems. As growth continues- the concept of home based offices will be examined and viability of more formal office space will be examined. Business Description STATShift Network is a Web Based Software Professional Staffing Company which offers an alternative to traditional staffing agencies to families seeking healthcare for loved ones. allows healthcare professionals to register in the personalized STATShift Network staffing web based system. Once the registration is complete, the system carefully and accurately examines the background and credentials of the healthcare professional and the system will approve or decline the professional’s ability to be registered and work in the software system. (Had my family had this feature, we would have known about Mary’s deception about her being an RN AND her background of history of elder abuse). In addition, the family created a personal profile in the STATShift Network staffing system. A background check will be completed on the family/ client to ensure safety of providers who will be coming into the home. Once approved, the family will complete the FAMILY PROFILE which consists of a check list with list of needs, care giver responsibilities and duties, and times/ dates of what their current caregiver needs. Upon final approval in the system, STATShift Network allows the professional and family to be in direct contact. At the end of the first shift. A rating system will be completed. Similar to the rating system model currently used by Uber, the STATShift Network will rely on a rating sytem to ensure competent, reliable professionals are part of the solution. The STATShift Network company administrator will have ongoing access to review current healthcare professionals available thru their STATShift Software Data Base which is a controlled and secure data system. This system allows for administrators to review and match specific profiles of the available qualified professionals. Once the initial contact has been made, the professional is approved within the system after documents show the professional meets all criteria and qualifications. Both parties agree a potential interest in working together, either PRN- Per Diem shifts or contract; contracts are generally 4-week, 13 week, 26 week, or longer if needed. All confirmations are sent via email and thru the STATShift app. STATShift Network staffing system provides participating and approved families the benefit of posting all staffing needs thru the site… all of their immediate and future PRN- Per Diem staffing needs which will allow the healthcare professional to receive immediate email alerts and sign up immediately for those last minute hard-to-fill PRN- Per Diem shifts in case of last minute staffing needs. Market Research & Analysis There is no other business like STATShift Network in the industry. With this being said, STATShift Network is a game changer. In these difficult economic times with healthcare reform, early discharge due to insurance reimbursements, the aging baby boomer population, families living farther apart, and the epidemic of cancer in younger populations- the need for qualified and unaffordable … yet safe, health care in the home is urgent and a crisis. The unique niche that the STATShift Network offers is the ability to provide healthcare professionals directly to families in need, thus eliminating the “middle man” and the tremendous cost associated with healthcare staffing firms. After review of the literature, there are currently no companies providing the services that STATShift Network offers. Currently, there is a shortage of all types of nurses, but in the specialty type nurse this shortage is even more critical. Many hospitals are feeling the pain of these shortages in the OR and Critical Care units of their facilities. STATShift Network Offers: • Availability of screened, qualified, competent healthcare professionals that are rated on a scale by families • Orientation management • Creation of policy and staffing plans • Software staffing management • Compliance oversight • Self-scheduling software application management tool Strengths: • Significant reduction of time spent and money on use of healthcare staffing personnel • Internal staff retention and morale booster as internal staff gain more control over their work environment, pay, benefits and schedule. • Improved management and tracking Sales & Marketing Strategy Like any service marketed, the business is won by the combination of three factors: Pricing, Relationships, and Quality of Product. At STATShift Network our main marketing thrust is quality of product that we are able to provide our families and healthcare partners. Due to STATShift Network stringent application process, the healthcare administrators only approve and accept professionals in the STATShift Network Software Data Base who reflect the commitment to their profession, meet all prescreening and licensure requirements, and who are committed to provide quality care to patients. Thru STATShift Network we are able to present to our potential families an attractive option to their home staffing needs. Our experienced staff with 20 years of nursing experience; and IT staff with years of Web Design/ Software Development experience, showcase the ease of adaptability which is demonstrated by our ability to easily acclimatizing into their new environments and customize software to meet each participating families needs and requirements. The relationship aspect is also an important aspect of our marketing program. We do not view these healthcare professionals or families as only Clients, but as Client-partners. As previously indicated, change is difficult; Therefore, STATShift Network will initially introduce the system to healthcare providers and families in Kentucky. The close ties that we establish is vital to our success. Our belief, once these families and professionals become familiar and accustomed to the system, they will see the tremendous cost savings and time savings and will talk to family and friends about the system. Initial contracts are critical, once STATShift Network has providers and families in place using the system, it will be just a matter of time, before other families and providers will see the benefits and cost savings and purchase the software system. As for the third aspect of marketing/ pricing, we have a commitment to alleviating the costs incurred by traditional healthcare staffing firms. Allowing the family direct access to available healthcare professionals, without paying the staffing firm, will drastically reduce their cost. At STATShift Network, we take care of quality and the relationship aspect. Using the STATShift system, healthcare families can save from a tremendous amount per shift. As an example, at a bill rate from the healthcare staffing firm of $25 per hour for a sitter, families can directly pay the sitter $13 to $14 per hour. The healthcare professional is not an employee of the family nor the STATShift Network. Operations and Financial Strategy The STATShift Network Software system will take over 6 months to develop by a team of IT experts from BitSource, Inc. The total amount for system development will be approximately $145,000 to develop. Owner Kathy Sanders has contributed an additional $15,000 of her personal money for advertising, travel, and marketing. Additional monies to fund the company will come from potential investors and monies earned as the company operates as a healthcare staffing firm. The Management, Soft Ware Development/ Data Base Design & Host, and Executive Team responsibilities include all tasks to insure the daily success of STATshift Network. These tasks include providing an infrastructure that insures a maximum amount of support to the healthcare professionals and families-- our client-partners. Such tasks include the internal aspects of day to day operations such as maintenance & upkeep of the Software Data Base to ensure all healthcare professionals have met the requirements, providing client service to our participating families, marketing services, invoicing system which serves as a payment system from families to the healthcare professional, providing travel and accommodations assistance thru the advertisement in local markets, human resources and benefits supports systems available thru the advertisements in local markets to be consistent with regional, local, and city regulations, and various other tasks that are seen on a daily basis. The management team works as a unit to assure that nothing is left to chance and all venues of the business are covered to the satisfaction of our healthcare professionals and families…. client-partners. The day to day operations of revolve around client services and other aspects that are critical to successful operation of a business. This includes such things as response to client calls. Our hours of operations are 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday – Friday with 24 hours phone coverage by the management team to allow for any needs the family and healthcare professional might have during hours outside the regular business hours.
Current Investors:
Kathy J. Sanders, RN MSN, CEO 202 Troon Court, Versailles KY 40383

Point of Contact:
Kathy J. Sanders, RN MSN
Project Address:
c/o Kentucky Rural Health Association
Henderson, KY
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