Booneville Theater Project

Owsley County

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The Booneville Theater Project is a sub-committee of the (O.C.A.R.E.)Owsley County Alliance for Recreation and Entertainment Incorporated non-profit organization. Our main goal is to redevelop the old Booneville (Seale) Theater in Booneville Kentucky (Owsley County). Our group believes that the redevelopment of this building will bring the arts back to our town in an improved way, as well as giving our children and residents something positive to do. Research shows that arts and recreation also brings visitors and in turn—the potential boost to our local economy. Only one of Owsley’s neighboring counties contains a theater and many people travel outside of the county to seek entertainment options. We are looking for ways to increase revenue in our county so that our economy can grow and thrive. We have conducted a three year sustainability project utilizing a small donated facility and believe with certainty that our project has what it takes to improve the economic conditions of our community and citizens lives.

Potential Market/Users:
Our project appeals to groups of all ages. Currently, in our temporary facility, we have served the majority of our public through pre-released licensed movies, community plays, pageants, meeting space and through music performances. The public as a whole can benefit from our project and we have school/children's groups from Perry, Owsley, Breathitt and Wolfe county that visit us. We also serve the elderly community from Lee County Rehabilitation Facility. We regularly have visitors that come from the surrounding counties of Lee, Wolfe, Breathitt and Perry.
Potential Competitors:
The Booneville Theater would be the only theater available within a 43-45 mile(s) drive. We also have four neighboring counties that do not have a theater facility at all.
Current Investors:

Point of Contact:
Sue Christian
Owsley County Alliance for Recreation and Entertainment, Incorporated
Project Address:
165 North Mulberry Street
Booneville, KY 41314
Management Team:

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