Wilson St Duplex

fayette County

Residential - Multi-family


Renovate and construct Duplex out of single family structure. One street north of Main St Downtown Lexington. Total investment 100,000. Current Monthly Market Rent, $2,000.

Potential Market/Users:
The demand demographic for this project is very diverse. Students and working professionals from UK college and downtown, space for family's as well.
Potential Competitors:
The project has a competitive advantage due to its size and proximity to downtown. There is a aggressive amount of growth in this area renovating existing housing. Going multi family will significantly increase returns. There are small companies and individuals buying and renovating property in this area.
Current Investors:
Dane Stuart Ownership- 100% Phone Number- 440-787-3356 Email- Danestu1@gmail.com Lexington KY

Point of Contact:
Dane Stuart
Project Address:
325 Wilson St
Lexington KY 40502
Management Team: